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June 5th,2018

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Water Purification Industry Combined with Intelligence & Diversity & Transboundary Cooperation

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Water Purification Industry Combined with Intelligence & Diversity & Transboundary Cooperation                       

Water Purification Industry Combined with Intelligence & Diversity & Transboundary Cooperation

                                     By DWP2016 Organizing Committee

Smart home leads the development trend of water purification

Actually smart home is the extension and development of intelligent plus. Water purification enterprises can quickly build a communication platform with consumers by connecting water purifier with the intelligent cloud. Through the platform we can  not only collect and sort out information, but also more accurately focus on consumer water purification demands and control the market trends more precisely. It’s regarded as human development and innovation, which is new development and reform based on Internet. After launching products we can quickly obtain feedback from consumers based on this platform rather than rely on sales. By virtue of the above advantages, smart home will gradually be sought after by water purification companies and bound to set off a wave of development.

Water purification market in boom to shake of single-type products

In addition to smart home products and pure water machines, other product sales are increasing year by year. For example, sales of water bottles and water purification taps have increased rapidly in the past two years. Consumers’ demand for refinement results in the increasing demand for drinking machines with heating function. The reason for this phenomenon lies in increasingly severe water pollution and people’s concern for water safety. Water purification enterprises must consider different consumers’ demands and shake off the development and research of single-type products.

Transboundary cooperation to be a new option for enterprise development

1. The cooperation between traditional enterprises and emerging platforms

Since the big-data age, the Internet has promoted the development of E-commerce and data platform, which requires traditional manufacturing enterprises to seek cooperation with emerging platforms and enterprises.

2. The cooperation between water purification enterprises and service industry

Water purification enterprises are in urgent need to cooperate with professional installation companies of service industries. Unlike other other home appliance products, water purification has high professional requirements for product installation and after-sales service. Therefore it is difficult to serve all China’s consumers(especially consumers in third-and tier cities) by only depending on water purification enterprises.

3. Water purification combined with HVAC, building materials and home

Water purification industry has a close link with HVAC, building materials and home. For example, the required time of water purifier installation are in line with HVAC and other product installation, which is convenient for mutual cooperation. Nowadays, people's demand for the quality of life has changed. Instead of just a water purification device or an air conditioning, what they value is the comprehensive consideration of healthy and comfortable life, so as to create a convenient and integrated home health care system which is integrated with water purification, HVAC and kitchen appliances, etc. Therefore these enterprises should establish good cooperation relations to devote to developing high-quality home life system and provide consumers with considerate health care.

4. Water purification industry appeals to finance

The booming water purification industry still maintains growth when other industries plunge into recession. The bright prospects of water purification industry receive investors’ wide attention, especially the preferences of Internet finance platforms which can promote the rapid and healthy development of water purification industry. Many medium and small enterprises have difficulties in investing research& development and after-sales service due to lack of fund. They imitate products of some renowned brands without independent innovation product strategy, which consequently leads to uneven product quality and service quality. This is very detrimental to the future development of the water market. The involvement of financial enterprises or platforms can reverse this situation and lead the healthy direction of water purification enterprises towards innovation development.

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