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June 5th,2018

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China water purification industry to be promoted by Polices

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China water purification industry to be promoted by Polices                                 By DWP2016 Organizing Committee   Huge water puri
China water purification industry to be promoted by Polices  
                              By DWP2016 Organizing Committee
Huge water purification market in China
Figures of AVC indicate that by the end of 2017, the market retail sales of water purification can reach 50.1 billion yuan, with the market penetration rate of 12.7%; by 2020, the scale of retail sales of water purification can reach 104.8 billion yuan, with the market penetration rate of 31.4%. Meanwhile, it is also expected that by 2020 the category structure of water purification will be dominated by water equipment and water purifier, respectively accounting for 39% and 33%. Household appliances upgrading is still the main theme and water purification equipment category to maintain rapid growth.
China’s government policies for promoting water purification industry
At the same time, China’s policies continue to play an essential role in promoting water purification industry. The completion of the national standard “General requirements for household water purification devices ” improve the standards of water purifier. Specific contents include the total net amount of water purifier, function efficiency, noise, delay rate, regeneration rate, waste water ratio, recovery rate, etc, which are classified according to different techniques. The standard scope formulated by "General requirements for household and similar electrical drinking water purification inner core" embraces reverse osmosis membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, PP cotton of household water purifier. In addition, the implementation of “Water pollution control action plan” reached a total investment of more than trillions of RMB. The two national standard implementation plays an important role in regulating the water purification industry, guiding the direction of enterprise development as well as improving consumers’ awareness of healthy drinking water. The economic benefits brought by “Water pollution control action plan” also reflects that water purifier market will usher in a new round of development peak.
Residents’ increasing awareness of drinking water safety 
In recent years, consumers’ awareness of drinking water safety has been strengthened gradually due to the impact of the crisis of drinking water safety. The economic base determines the superstructure. With the improvement of people’s living standards, residents’ consumption notions have been shifted from ensuring drinking water safety to improving life quality. With the theme of seeking novelty and quality, personal demands have increased rapidly. Therefore, customers pursue the development of high-end needs after meeting their basic needs. The sales of high- quality products indicates that customers tend to search for products that meet their requirements in accordance with their own perceptions and consciousness. The increasing demand will effectively promote industrial upgrading. 
Demand stimulated by National Plan on New Urbanization
According to “National Plan on New Urbanization”, By 2020 the resident population urbanization rate will reach 60% and household population urbanization rate will reach 45%. With more rural population converted into urban, the accelerating agricultural and rural infrastructure constructions and reform of the household registration system, the consumption concept and consumption patterns will change profoundly. Farmers will become China's largest groups of consumption needs .
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