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June 5th,2018

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MBR in the Spotlight of China's Waste Water Treatment Industry By DWP Committee

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MBR in the Spotlight of China's Waste Water Treatment Industry By DWP Committee   The Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR) process was first introduced by the late 1960s in America. After 50 years of research and development, n

MBR in the Spotlight of China's Waste Water Treatment Industry

By DWP Committee


The Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR) process was first introduced by the late 1960s in America. After 50 years of research and development, now it is widely employed in North America, Europe and Japan for the treatment of domestic and industrial waste water. In the early half of 1990s, this technology sailed across the Pacific Ocean and finally entered the view of China’s waste water treatment experts.


Ø       China’s MBR Market Growing With a Remarkable Speed







Annual Output of Membrane (RMB)

2.8 billion

25 billion

30 billion

40 billion

50 billion

Though China’s MBR market has a late start, its speed of growth is second to none. In the last decade, the annual output value of China’s membrane industry has grown more than tenfold(as you can see from the table below), turning China into the largest membrane consumption market in the world and one of the most important component of the global MBR market. Some of our enterprises have even assumed an important place in the world such as Origin Water. And it is unlikely that China’s MBR market will slow down its development speed under the supports of favorable policies.               


Ø       An Overview of China’s Favorable Policies Benefiting the MBR Market

In 2012, the development of membrane technology was emphasized as a key concern in China’s 12th five-year plan. A special notice was issue by the Chinese government, stipulating that in the duration of the 12th five-year plan, we would improve our ability of technological innovation, strengthen our industrial competitiveness and popularize the application of membrane technology. This project has given a really great boost to our MBR industry, but the Chinese government does not slack off one little bit.


In 2015, the Chinese government announced that during the 13th five-year plan, the money invested in waste water treatment would be 1,392.2 billion RMB, 435.5 billion RMB of which would be used in the disposal of industrial waste water and 459 billion RMB in city and town sewage. There is no doubt that this policy will greatly simulate China’s MBR industry and generate billions of market demands.


Hot on the heels of this announcement, a plan of action concerning the control of water pollution was released, raising the standard of sewage discharge in every town and city. The plan also mandates that by the end of 2020, town and city sewage treatment rate have to reach around 85% and 95% respectively. Spurred by this high standard, many sewage treatment plants will need to resort to MBR system, which reveals to us a future boom in China’s MBR market.



Ø       Deficiencies and Opportunities in China’s MBR Industry

Where there is demand, there is supply. Though China’s membrane industry is expanding with an impressive speed, it can only satisfy about 50% of our market demand. Billions worth of membrane products still need to be imported every year due to the deficiencies of our membrane industry. Compared with other developed countries, China’s MBR technology is still lagging behind. The types of China’s membrane products are relatively limited and efforts to improve the service life and quality of these products are still needed. Up till now, a well-designed and well-functioning MBR system is not yet to be seen. Therefore, it is imperative for us to cooperate with countries which have possessed mature technology. What’s more, MBR has only made up about 10% of our waste water treatment market, which means that there are still tremendous market potentials waiting to be taped.     


Ø       Welcome to DWP 2016

In order to accelerate the development of our MBR industry, our door is open to the international MBR market. We would love to invite experts, professionals and insiders of this filed at home and abroad to gather in the exhibition hall of 2016 Asia-Pacific Drinking Water and Purification Fair (DWP 2016). Exerting influence across China, DWP 2016 will be attended by hundreds of renowned exhibitors and thousands of professional visitors from more than 30 countries with various attempts including purchasing, looking for business partners, collecting the latest information and so on. If you are interested in China’s water purification market, DWP 2016 will be your best choice.